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Custom made rubber compensator.

Compensators, also called expansion pieces, are used for installations that are subject to movements. These movements can vary from very slow (thermal expansion or contraction) to very fast (vibration).

Thermal expansions can cause unfavorable material stresses in pipes. Installing compensators prevents this unwanted material tension. Vibrations also cause tension and cause disturbing noises in the working and living environment. Installing compensators prevents this.

You will find our compensators in the steel industry, waste processing, food industry, chemicals, petrochemicals, shipping and offshore.

Download specifications (pdf).

Custom made rubber compensator up to DN 4000 (160")

SKU: 900-
    • Manual manufacturing.
    • Dimensions up to DN 4000 (160")

    • Pressures up to 125 bar (1800 psi)

    • Integrated one-piece vulcanized flanges.

    • Specific design based on the needs.

    • Recommended operating temperature up to 200 °C (390 °F)

    • Possibility of use as a removable coupling.

    • Unlimited movements.

    • PTFE inner lining available.

    • EPDM, Food Grade EPDM, Niltrile, Hypalon, SBR, FKM -Viton, Peroxidized EPDM, Silicone, available.

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