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Our PARI hose clamps, also called heavy duty hose clamps, T-bolt clamps, or 'Super Clamps', are used in various applications in markets such as agricultural technology, shipping or simply heavy industries.

The heavy duty hose clamps are available in many sizes and double heavy duty hose clamps are also part of our range. In addition to the standard heavy hose clamp with hexagon bolts, we keep an extensive range of so-called PARI / Inbus broadband clamps in stock.

These par clamps are available in widths of 20 and 24 mm. There is also a difference between the M6 hexagon socket screw and the M8 allen bolt. This has to do with the torque with which the clamps can be tightened. In addition to the difference in the thickness of the Allen screw, there is a difference in a single clamp, a hose clamp with 1 Allen screw. Or a double (two-part) clamp as the name suggests, a hose clamp with 2 Allen screws.

Available sizes: 60 mm to 315 mm

Download specifications (pdf).

Hose clamp PARI 2-piece M8

SKU: 308-02
    • Bolt: M8 hexagon socket screw

    • Strap width: 24 mm

    • Tightening torque: 18 Nm

    • Breaking point: >35 Nm

    • Size: 60-315mm

    • Material: Available in steel and stainless steel

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