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One of the best types of hose clamps are the worm screw clamps. Flexind BV has a wide range of worm screw clamps from well-known brands such as ABA, JCS and Jubilee.

The well-known ABA steel hose clamps can be recognized by the blue house, both the ABA original and the Aba nova are equipped with this. In addition to the steel worm screw clamps from ABA, the stainless steel clamps from ABA, JCS & Jubilee are also available.

The stainless steel worm screw clamps from JCS and Jubilee are available in stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316.
The stainless steel variants of both brands of hose clamps have a Lloyds Type approval, making them a wonderful combination with our Lloyds-approved silicone bellows. All our worm screw clamps are available in different sizes.

Available sizes: 9 mm to 280 mm

Download specifications (pdf).

HI-GRIP worm screw hose clamp Jubilee

SKU: 303-01
    • Bolt: SW 7 mm

    • Strap width: 13 mm

    • Tightening torque: See product specifications

    • Range: 9.5 -318mm

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