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FlexInd B.V.

Your flexible supplier for your industrial products

One stop shop
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Industrial, Hydraulics & Coating


At FlexInd BV we offer an extensive industry package, with products such as high-quality industrial hoses, rubber compensators, flanges and silicone products.

"FlexInd BV, for a total solution in industrial supplies."




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You can also contact FlexInd BV for your hydraulic solutions.
With a comprehensive hydraulic package, consisting of durable hydraulic hoses, hydraulic couplings and cutting ring couplings.

"Increase your operational efficiency with the hydraulics package from FlexInd BV"

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Discover FlexCoating, the expert in surface treatment techniques such as pickling, acids, passivation, galvanizing, coating and blasting.
At FlexCoating we take the sustainability and aesthetics of your projects to the next level through our high-quality services.

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Discover high-quality industrial solutions with FlexInd.
As a leading company in the industry, FlexInd is committed to providing quality products and services.

Efficient & effective

FlexInd is your efficient partner in the maritime and mechanical industry.
We supply effective rubber and industrial product solutions.


FlexInd BV is the market leader in supplying custom-made rubber and industrial products.
Choose FlexInd BV, where personalization and quality go hand in hand.


As a leading provider in the industry, we at Flexind BV are proud of our high involvement in shipping, inland shipping, offshore, dredging industry, yacht building, and industries such as the agricultural sector. We focus on delivering high-quality products with an unwavering emphasis on quality.


Our wide range goes beyond the limits of just hoses and hose accessories. We are also your trusted source for approved Lloyds items such as silicone bellows, also known as bellows or compensators. These are specifically designed to absorb vibrations.


In addition to our already extensive product catalogue, we also offer various types of seals. These are available in standard sizes, but can also be tailor-made to your specific wishes. Our materials include BA-U, better known as blue gasket, oil resistant rubber (NBR) and SBR specifically for water needs.


Our product range is further supplemented by silicone rubber and silicone products, hose couplings and valves. We are proud of our strong collaboration with top manufacturers such as Alfagomma, Bonomi Industries & Venair Industrial. This allows us to guarantee fast deliveries from our own stock, so you never have to wait for the products you need.

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Flex Industrial Supplies B.V.
Bunsenstraat 5
3316 GC  Dordrecht

+31(0)85 23 69 922

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