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Flanges & Butt weld Fittings

Flanges EN 1092-1 / DIN

FlexInd BV: Supplier of Flat welding flanges, Blind flanges, Bulkhead flanges & Welded fittings

FlexInd BV supplies an extensive range of flanges and welded fittings. All our flanges meet the EN1092-1 quality standard and are certified. Consider flat welding flanges, blind flanges, bulkhead flanges and pre-welding flanges.

In addition, FlexInd offers a range of high-quality welding elbows, T-pieces and reducers - all certified according to the EN10253-2 standard.


At FlexInd, your satisfaction is our priority. Our experienced team is ready to advise you and help you find the products that best suit your needs. Contact one of our employees today and discover our wide range of flanges and welded fittings.


Flex Industrial Supplies B.V.
Bunsenstraat 5
3316 GC  Dordrecht

+31(0)85 23 69 922

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