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Expansion Joints


Rubber Compensatoren

Compensatoren ook wel expansiestukken genoemd worden gebruikt voor installaties die onderhevig zijn aan bewegingen. Deze bewegingen kunnen variëren van zeer langzaam (thermische uitzettingen of krimpbewegingen) tot zeer snel (trillingen).

Thermische uitzettingen kunnen in leidingen ongunstige materiaalspanningen veroorzaken. Het inbouwen van compensatoren voorkomt deze ongewenste materiaalspanning.


Ook trillingen veroorzaken spanningen en zijn aanleiding tot storende geluiden in de werk- en woonomgeving. Het inbouwen van compensatoren voorkomt dat.  

U vindt onze compensatoren onder andere terug in de staalindustrie, afvalverwerking, voedingsmiddelenindustrie, chemie, petrochemie, scheepvaart en offshore.

RVS Expansiestuk

RVS compensatoren met laseinden worden gebruikt in rookgas (uitlaat)systemen.

Uitlaatsystemen in bijvoorbeeld schepen worden normaal gesproken gekenmerkt door hogere eisen aan temperaturen trillingen en lagere drukken. Ontworpen voor algemene toepassingen met lage druk en hoge temperaturen, kleine trillingen en relatief grote axiale en zijdelingse bewegingen.

RVS compensator met flenzen.png

RVS Expansiestuk met flenzen

Een compensator met roestvrijstalen kragen en stalen draaibare flenzen volgens PN10. Voor toepassingen in verwarmingssystemen, waar een thermische uitzetting van het leidingwerk moet worden opgevangen. Dit type compensator is in principe bedoeld voor axiale beweging.
En waar een korte totale lengte vereist is.

View our entire range of rubber compensators, available in NBR or EPDM with or without Bureau Veritas approval.
Our range also includes high-quality stainless steel exhaust hoses and stainless steel expansion pieces with welded ends or flanges.

Are you looking for something specific? This is also no problem!

FlexInd can have any desired compensator / expansion piece custom made from its supplier(s). A delivery time of approximately 3 to 4 weeks applies. If you require certificates, this is also an option.

Do you have any questions or are you looking for something? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Below you will see a number of examples of compensators that we have already supplied...


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It is essential to select the correct compensator, tailored to your specific application. We can provide expert guidance based on your needs and requirements. Factors such as pressure and temperature ratings play a significant role in the choice of a compensator, but are certainly not the only considerations. We always strive to find the most effective solution within your budget.


We offer suitable solutions for various situations, whether you require a metal compensator or rubber compensator. Our standard rubber compensators are usually available directly from stock. Both types of compensators have specific advantages and disadvantages, related to aspects such as flexibility or protection against extreme temperatures.


With our professional experience, leading expertise and direct connections with our suppliers, we are able to provide you with the best possible service.



Customization is crucial for metal expansion joints. Our engineers accurately calculate which specifications and dimensions are required. The calculation takes into account various factors such as operating pressure, temperature, medium, expansion of the pipes and the expected number of movements that the compensator must be able to absorb. Based on these factors we determine the material type for the compensator.



After determining the optimal solution, we will provide you with a detailed technical drawing. After approval of this drawing, the production process can be started. The production of the bellows is outsourced by us.

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