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Camlock, Kamlock, Kamlok, Cam and Groove are the most common names for a manual quick-release coupling used in many industries.

Often for the transport of liquids, but also for vapor return applications. Originally according to US Mil. Specs with hose tails for use with hose clamps and tapered, conical (BSPT) thread, currently also available in European (EN 14420) version with hose tails suitable for safety clamp shells and straight (BSP) thread with flat seal. Weldable variants are also available to easily connect your hose to the pipework.

For advice about the suitable Camlock or its installation, please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

Download specifications (pdf).

Camlock pillar Type E

SKU: 520-02
  • Camlock male pillar Type E

    • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, PP

    • Working pressure: 16 Bar.

    • Camlock: Male

    • Pillar diameter: 13 mm to 150 mm

    Available from stock in aluminium, brass, PP and stainless steel. Sealing rings made of different types of rubber and PTFE, depending on the medium to be transported, temperature, etc.

    For more information, please contact one of our employees!

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