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Jubilee® pipe clamps are constructed from a one-piece flexible steel or stainless steel band with an ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) rubber liner.
The band has a stepped design so that the clip is flush with the rubber liner.
The one-piece construction means there are no joints, making the clip very strong.

Available sizes: 3.2 mm to 65 mm

Download specifications (pdf).

Pipe clamps P Clip

SKU: 300-01
    • Bolt hole: M6

    • Strap width: 13 mm

    • Material thickness: 0.8 mm

    • Size: 3.2-65mm

    • Rubber: EPDM

    • Available material: W1, W5

  • The top hole has an elongated design that allows for easy installation of the clip. The rubber lining is manufactured in a corresponding profile
    to secure its position on the clip and ensures a good fit as well
    vibration damping and sound insulation. EPDM rubber offers several
    advantages over alternatives, such as a wide operating temperature
    a wide temperature range, resistance to UV (ultra violet) weathering and resistance to creep.
    Jubilee® P Clips pipe clamps are available in all major standard sizes.

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