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SBR Rubber full gasket with bolt holes - PN 10/16

FlexInd BV supplies a wide range of gaskets and seals. Depending on the application, the seal is made of, for example, rubber, fiberboard or plastic.

On our website you will find a selection from our range of these seals/gaskets.
Such as rubber gaskets, fiberboard gaskets, graphite gaskets, metal gaskets or a flange gasket.

With our wide range of gaskets & gasket materials, Flexind BV can always respond quickly and flexibly to questions from the market. With our CNC laser cutting machine, Flexind BV is able to cut any desired seal from the gasket materials. This means that all shapes and sizes of seals and gaskets are available. Any shape and size of your drawing or model can be effortlessly turned into a seal.

Download specifications (pdf).

SBR Rubber full gaskets with bolt holes - PN 10 / 16

SKU: 710-02
    • Material: SBR rubber
    • Temperature range: -30 °C +70 °C
    • Application: General application for water, air and non-aggressive liquids.
    • Standard thickness: 3 mm

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