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FlexInd Valves

Leading supplier of sustainable valves:
FlexInd BV's high-quality range of ball valves & butterfly valves.

As your premium supplier of valves, FlexInd BV sets the standard for durability, reliability and quality. We serve a wide range of sectors, from industrial manufacturing to marine and agriculture, with an extensive range of valves, including ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, mini ball valves, 3-way ball valves, butterfly valves and flanged ball valves.


Our ball valves - known for their efficient operation and longevity - are an essential component in controlling fluid flow in numerous applications. Specially designed to resist corrosion, our stainless steel ball valves promise long-lasting durability for your toughest tasks.


Make room for our flexible mini ball valves. These compact solutions are perfect for limited spaces, without compromising on functionality. Are we dealing with complex pipe networks where more than a single input or output flow is required?
Then look no further than our 3-way ball valves, built to effectively regulate fluid flow.


Flexind BV is also your go-to source for butterfly valves, famous for their lightweight construction and low cost, they are ideal for controlling the large flow rates. And our flanged ball valves? These heavyweights are specifically made for demanding situations where high pressure and temperature play a role.


Let Flexind BV be your partner in quality valves. We are proud of our reputation for delivering superior products, customized solutions and unparalleled customer service. Trust us for all your valve needs.

Products & Services​

Industrial hoses


Hose clamps


Hose couplings

Rubber plate


Moss & Cell Rubber

Expansion Joints

Hose couplings

Storz couplings

Camlock couplings
Tank truck couplings
Flange couplings

Hose pillars
Clamp shell couplings Clamp shell set
Claw couplings
GEKA couplings
Guillemin couplings
Perrot/Cardan couplings
Steam couplings

Closing plugs

Single closing plugs

Double closing plugs

Conical closing plugs

Service plugs

Rubber plate

BA-U fiberboard

BA-R graphite plate
SBR rubber
Neoprene rubber
Nitrile rubber
EPDM rubber


FKM rubber

FDA SBR rubber

Cell rubber plate

Polyurethane plate
Silicone rubber
PTFE plate

Fine ribbed runner gray VDE 30KV

Fine rib runner
Broad rib runner

Diamond plate runner

Grip couplings

Grip couplings

Repair couplings


Silicone bellows

Silicone elbows 45°

Silicone elbows 90°

Silicone Fuel Cell

Silicone reducers
Silicone hoses


Fiberboard gaskets

Graphite gaskets

Self-adhesive rubber

Rubber gaskets

Metal gaskets

PTFE gaskets

Micalit gaskets

Service maintenance


Teflon tape

Cleaning rags


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Hose clamps

Pipe clamps

Mini clamps

Worm screw clamps

Constant-torque clamping
Two ear clamps

Heavy duty hose clamps

One ear hose clamps

Hercules hose clamps

Clamp shell set
Steam clamp shells
Hose clamps with claw

Moss & Cell Rubber

Neoprene cell rubber

Hatch rubber

Moss rubber

Rubber Cord
EPDM cellular rubber
NBR cell rubber

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Rubber compensators

Stainless steel compensators

Expansion joints accessories

Vibration dampers

Machine feet

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