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Stainless steel gate valve PN 63

Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed situation. They are installed in a pipe network as isolation valves and should not be used as control valves. When you want to open the valve, do so counterclockwise and close it clockwise, the stem of the valve then makes an up and down movement on the threaded part.

Gate valves are perfect in arrangements that must ensure minimal pressure loss and full passage. When fully opened, a gate valve has no obstructions in the flow section, resulting in very low pressure loss.

A gate valve is a multi-turn valve, which means that the valve is operated by means of a threaded spindle. Because the spindle must rotate several times to go from an open to a closed position, the slow action also prevents water hammer effects.

Stainless steel gate valve PN 63

SKU: 405-05
    • Maximum pressure: 63 Bar

    • Maximum temperature: 80℃

    • Minimum temperature: -10℃

    • Sizes: 1/4'' to 4''

    • Lever: Red coated steel handwheel.

    • Connection: inside x inside

    Full bore stainless steel gate valve, fitted with BSP female thread on both sides. EPDM seals around the spindle. All taps have been tested for leak-tightness for at least 24 hours.

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