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Multi-fuel hose NBR 20 bar - ALFAGOMMA 97CAB

Alfagomma's oil and petrol hoses are used, among other things, as a hydraulic return hose, on tankers, in the port as loading and unloading hoses or as a Ship to Shore Dockhose.

We can supply these hoses for you as a hose assembly with a pressure test certificate. This series includes the well-known 605AA (R4), 619AA, 1TE/R6, but also the 650AA.

Download specifications (pdf).


SKU: 215-645BL
    • Type: ALFAGOMMA 97CAB
    •  Inner wall: Black conductive NBR.
    •  Reinforcement: High strength synthetic textile yarn.
    •  Outer wall: gray SBR/CR.
    •  Application: compressed air, water, fuel and oil supply in general industrial applications.
    •  Temperature range: -30 °C +95 °C
    •  Diameter: 6mm to 25mm
    • FlexInd can provide your hose with the correct couplings and/or flanges.
    • Pressure test certificate.
    • Had the hose taken off by Lloyds.
    • Engraving of your reference.

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