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Graphite full gasket with bolt holes PN 10/16 - DN25 to DN500

FlexInd BV has a wide range of graphite gaskets / graphite plates in stock in different thicknesses (1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thickness).

These graphite plates have excellent heat resistance. The steel insert also makes it ideal for use under pressure (200 bar continuous). Using our CNC cutting machine, these can be processed into graphite gasket or seal to your size.

Graphite gaskets, also known as exhaust gaskets, can be cut very quickly into any shape and size. Both standard sizes and specific exhaust gaskets, which we can draw using Autocad, can therefore be reproduced quickly and accurately by us.

Download specifications (pdf).

Graphite full gasket with bolt holes PN 10/16

SKU: 705-02

    • Material: Expanded natural graphite (>99% graphite purity), stainless steel insert plate (AISI 316; 0.1 mm)
    • Working pressure: 130 Bar.
    • Application: General application, drinking water, steam, gas, chemical, food, compressor & pump applications.
    • Temperature range: -200 °C +700 °C (-328 °F +1292 °F)

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