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613-01 Silicone bellows blue Lloyds Type Approval

Available from stock from internal diameter 27 mm to 140 mm.

  • Inner wall: Red Silicone

  • Reinforcement: Polyester insert

  • Outer wall: Blue silicone

  • Application: Coolant, air and water, marine wet exhaust

  • Temperature range: -56 °C +180 °C (-70 °F +356 °F)

  • Certificate: Lloyds Register Type Approval

    Download specifications (pdf).

Silicone bellows "Blue" Lloyds Type Approval

SKU: 613-01
  • FlexInd's silicone bellows are perfectly resistant to both high temperatures and pressure. A silicone bellows, also called a "bellow" or hump hose, is a flexible connecting piece to absorb vibrations, among other things. The "hump" in the bellows provides flexibility, allowing them to absorb and absorb movements in the machine.

    FlexInd's silicone bellows are also available with a Lloyds certificate.


    • Weatherproof
    • Taste & odorless
    • Contains no harmful substances
    • Good electrical insulating properties
    • Remains elastic at high or low temperatures.


    • Cooling & heating systems
    • Air treatment
    • Racing sports
    • Turbo engines
    • Equipment and machine construction

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