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The green silicone bellows from FlexInd are perfectly resistant to high temperatures, pressure and oil. A silicone bellows, also called a "bellow" or hump hose, is a flexible connecting piece to absorb vibrations, among other things. The "hump" in the bellows provides flexibility, allowing them to absorb and absorb movements in the machine.​

Download specifications (pdf).

Silicone bellows "Green" - Oil resistant

SKU: 611-01
  • Characteristics:

    • Weatherproof
    • Taste & odorless
    • Contains no harmful substances
    • Good electrical insulating properties
    • Remains elastic at high or low temperatures.


    • Coolant, air, salt & freshwater
    • Most oils
    • Air treatment
    • Racing sports
    • Turbo engines
    • Equipment and machine construction

    Temperature range of these bellows are -56 °C +180 °C (-70 °F +356 °F)

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