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  •  Inner wall: Red silicone
  •  Reinforcement: Polyester insert
  •  Outer wall: Blue silicone
  •  Application: Coolant, air and water.
  •  Temperature range: -56 °C +180 °C (-70 °F +356 °F)

    Silicone reducers are available in various sizes.
    Please contact us for more information.

Silicone bellows reducers

SKU: 610-02
  • This blue reducer, also called a reduction reducer, is ideal for connecting hoses or pipes with different diameters. In addition, a reduction gradient is also used as a nozzle or atomizer depending on the speed of the liquid flow. An adapter is pressure and temperature resistant up to 180°C.


    •  Moisture resistant
    •  Weatherproof
    •  Taste & odorless
    •  Good electrical insulating properties
    •  Remains elastic, even at low and high temperatures.


    •  Cooling and heating systems
    •  Air treatment
    •  Equipment and machine construction
    •  Turbo engines
    •  Racing & karting

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