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601-01 Silicone hose 1 MTR
The blue straight silicone hoses from FlexInd are available in different diameters. We supply internal sizes of 10 mm to 160 mm from stock as standard. Excellent for applications at both low and high temperatures. The reinforcement in the material makes it possible to use the hose for applications where pressure plays a role. Our silicone hoses are odorless, contain no harmful substances and have very good weather-resistant properties. A silicone hose is used, among other things, for boosting engines, air treatment or cooling and heating systems.

  • Inner wall: Blue silicone

  • Reinforcement: Polyester insert

  • Outer wall: Blue silicone

  • Length: 1000mm

  • Application: Coolant, air and water

  • Temperature range: -56 °C +180 °C (-70 °F +356 °F)

  • Standard: Meets or exceeds SAEJ20 R4 Class A

    Download specifications (pdf).

Silicone hose 1 MTR "Blue"

SKU: 601-01
  • Characteristics:

    • Weatherproof
    • Taste & odorless
    • Contains no harmful substances
    • Good electrical insulating properties
    • Remains elastic at high or low temperatures.


    • Cooling & heating systems
    • Air treatment
    • Racing sports
    • Turbo engines
    • Equipment and machine construction

    Chemical resistance:

    • Diluted acids and bases
    • Hot/cold water
    • Glycol (antifreeze)
    • Hot air
    • Ozone
    • Ultraviolet light (UV)


    • Racing sports
    • Turbo engines
    • Cooling & heating systems
    • Air treatment
    • Equipment and machine construction

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